“No gutz, no glory” Frederic C. Blesse.  

Another related quote 

“You miss 100% of the  shots you never take” Wayne Gretzky 

“Insanity doing the same thing over and Over again and expecting different results”Einstein.  

A lot of times I’ll hear people

Say “why me?” “Why does bad stuff 

Always happen to me?” “If it’s not one thing 

It’s another” someone even said to me 

“I am not in control! The system is 

Controlling me…it won’t let me get ahead.”

Then I’ll say something like that’s really

Interesting! Can you tell me what did you 

Did differently today then yesterday?” 

Usually the answer will be “nothing”. 

So your going along doing all these things 

That aren’t helping you and you wonder 

Why things aren’t going good? I think 

I don’t try new things sometimes because 

I think “how do I know if that’s going to 

Work?” If I do it and I don’t accomplish 

Anything why did I bother wasting my 

Time? I think a lot of people think that 

Way. A lot of people that have succeeded 

And become amazingly wealthy got that 

Way by doing something they never did 

Before. I am a big Kevin Smith fan and 

He started with nothing. I’ve heard him 

Tell the story he maxed out credit cards to 

Make clerks the movie. He had to have 

Gutz! He had to do something he never 

Did before to become wildly rich and 

Famous. That’s a huge risk to go I am going 

To go make a movie and charge it all on this

Visa card. He could of easily never made 

Clerks. What if he said to himself it’s too

Risky! I better not do that! I might fail! Best

That I don’t waste my time with this. If he

Didn’t take that shot he would of been like

The people saying “why me?” “Why are

Things always going bad for me?” I was

Reading somewhere if you want the right 

To complain then you better be doing 

Something to improve your situation or 

You don’t have the right to complain. I 

Forgot who said that but I like it and it

Makes sense! Nobody knows 

The future and we all wish we knew 

We were doing the exact right thing at the 

Exact right time but the only way to really

Know is to like the Nike quote says

“Just do it” 


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