Benjamin Franklin said an ounce of

Prevention is worth a pound of cure. He’s 

Right! Another Benjamin franklin quote 

Fail to plan and your planning to fail.

How many things are most people
Planning?  and when are you doing that 

Planning? Tomorrow? Next week?

Someday? I read a lot of books! I will 

Mention a few of them that I think might 

Just inspire you! The first really great 

Book I’ll mention is The slight edge by 

Jeff Olson. He wrote in the book his life 

Was like a roller coaster and he couldn’t 

Figure out why? Then after careful thinking 

He had an answer. I’ll share one quote 

From the book that will give you a clue

Then maybe you will read the book. “Do the

Thing and have the power!” How simple 

Right? But it’s true! You want muscle 

You gotta lift heavy weights! The second 

Book I’ll share with you is Head Strong by 

Dave Asprey. I randomly came across this

Book and I’ll give you a good reason to 

Read it. What if you could potentially avoid

Cancer, being over weight, having low

Energy, Parkinson’s, dementia, 

Alzheimer’s,diabetes and food cravings? 

Would you be interested in learning how 

You might do that? Read headstrong. 

A friend encouraged me just today! He 

Said you know you should write! I said 

Write? He said yeah! I said what do you 

Mean write? He said you know for the 

Paper or something? I said I don’t know…

Maybe I will write a little blog. I do like

Sharing information that people can 

Benefit from. Maybe I will write more.

Have a good night. 


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