“Do or do not there is no try” Master Yoda

I recently came across “try” in a new way.

“Try means to Fail” Mike Mandell

That thought had never actually occurred 

To me until Mike Had explained it. I started 

to think about it…. A friend of mind asked 

me to do her a favor? ” Can you do that for 

me she said?” I said well I don’t know….it 

depends on what happens….I am really 

going to try. I remember calling in sick and 

the boss said can you try to come in today?

I said you know I don’t know….I am feeling

really sick but I am going to try…..I am 

running late but I am really going to try to 

make it on time….I sure hope to make it to 

the grocery story I am really going to try. 

In all those cases I sincerely believed I was 

really “doing my best”! I thought I was 

being very sincere….but after examing 

Closely what I said it turns out my answer

Was “I am not going to do it” it was so 

Carefully hidden and disguised that even 

I didn’t recognize it. it reminds me….I saw

A young woman talking on her cell phone

She was crying….she said “I don’t know why

I keep failing!” “I am really trying hard!”

“I am Doing my best!” “This is my life!”

“I just can’t do it!” “What if I keep failing?”

“What am I going to do?” At that time I 

realized she was sabataging herself! Just 

listened  to what she said “I am really 

trying hard” “I just can’t do it”. 

If you think you can or you can’t or you think you can’t your right” Henry Ford

After coming across that lesson from Mike I 

have made a point of not saying I am going 

To try.


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