I seen the story on the news about the kid

who joined a ferternity and was 

surrounded by people and no one called

the ambulance. The one ferternity member  

who was interviewed talked about how he 

wanted to help but of course he didn’t have 

any medical training so was he over 

reacting in wanting to get help he 

wondered? Did he know what he was 

talking about as the others suggested he 

didn’t? What if he did call the ambulance

and everything was fine…what 

Consequences would he face? Those are 

Some of the thoughts he thought when he 

was in that situation. Just yesterday I

was a situation where a woman was sick 

and I had similar thoughts as the guy in the 

Story? How sick is this lady? She looks very

Sick to me but what do I know? I am not a 

Dr. How sick is sick enough? If I call the 

Ambulance will I be in trouble for 

Overreacting? Am I overreacting now? 

I wasn’t sure to be honest. I asked the 

Woman shouldn’t I just call 911? Isnt it 

Better to solve your problem now? 

(My inner hypnotist trying to help her) 

I said don’t you want to feel better now? 

Why don’t you just let me call the 

ambulance now? That would be best 

Wouldn’t it? She said no, no I just need 

a glass of water please give me a few

minutes to think about it…..I went and 

got help from my other co workers were

the 5 of them….it took five people to 

convince her that she really did need the

ambulance. So as I had that experience 

I reflected back to the guy also not 

knowing should he call the ambulance?

I think you might not always know the 

right  answer and it’s easy to say you 

Should just call but yesterday’s experience 

Shows me that it took me getting many 

People involved before everyone was able 

to say the ambulance should be called. 

Just something to think about. 


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