Look deeply into my eyes and notice as you 

read these words you feel more and more 

relaxed…ha ha….I am just kidding 😂😂
hypnosis is a topic I really like. Ive read 

countless books and have even hypnotized 

a few people. Hypnosis is endlessly useful

but what I have not yet mastered is self

hypnosis. so I have used a few different 

sources. One of the sources I am currently

using for self hypnosis and learning is

One of the things I learned is what I talked 

About yesterday is the word try. A common

hypnosis pattern is you can try to open 

your eyes but the harder you try the harder 

it becomes. 😂😂. It’s not the only source 

I’ve used. I don’t want limit anyone so if

your interested in The topic for personal 

development or learning I would 

Recommend it as a fun and interesting 



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