Trains Trains and more Trains

How annoying It is to leave for work 20 minutes early so I can enjoy some meditation or hypnosis just before I start working only to get that time sucked away waiting on a train. I think railways should have to pay us for wasting our time…afterall we do get paid for working do we not? We do! Our time is being paid for so why should the railroad get a pass? They are consistently and regularly wasting my time shouldn’t I be compensated for that? I didn’t get to mediate today Because the train wasted my time and if we think about the ripple effect or butterfly effect what is the cost of me not doing my meditation today? The cost can be completely unrealizable because what if while I was meditating today I got a really brilliant idea? An idea that made me filthy rotten stinking rich? But because I missed that meditation I didn’t get that idea. So as you can see there isn’t a way of accuracy way of knowing how much potential I’ve lost waiting for the train? 


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