Aliens man! Aliens!

I was telling a friend about my weekend. I 

Said well last weekend I spent about three 

hours or most of the day watching Anicent 

Aliens on the history channel. I said it was 

Well…..Aliens Man! Aliens! The next day he 

Said to me hey you got me thinking and I 

got to tell you back in 2000… was daylight

about 5 o clock and I was standing on 

a balcony and man I looked up and seen all

these weird objects moving in 

Unpredictable ways. I said do you have any

pictures or video of this event? He said

It was 2000 I didn’t have anything like that.

I said did you hear any noise? He said no

I didn’t hear any noise. I said could you 

See any type of ship? He said no it was just 

light. I said well basically Aliens man!

Freaking Aliens! He said yeah..ha ha 


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