Here’s a picture of my Golden Axe! Singed 

by a bonefide Rockstar! Paul Reed Smith!

I love my Guitar! 

     So it happens…..you come face to face 

with one of your favorite Rockstars! 😮 you 

Can’t believe how the gods have blessed

You with such an amazing opportunity! 

I mean you saw them on tv! You saw them 

up on the stage! They have performed in 

front of thousands maybe even millions and

here they are face to face with you! 😮😮😮

You want to say in the words of  Wayne 

and  Garth “I am not worthy! I am not 

Worthy!”  So what do you do? You can stand 

completely stunned! You can say “I love you 

Man!” You can say oh my god you rock! But

after you say all that then you realize you

dont have anything else to say. Your big

moment of meeting your favorite Rockstar

and all you have to say is “You rock!” How 

Disappointing! I’ve been lucky enough to 

Meet several Rockstars and celebrities and 

all of them have been really really humble 

And most shockingly they are all very much 

human! Most Rockstars I think just want to 

Be treated like anyone else and known like

You would know any other person that you 

Appreciate. I’ve been fortunate enough to

meet and talk to a lot of  famous Rockstars 

and celeberties. Every single famous 

Rockstar or celebrity that I have met has 

Been really great. A few have been 

apprehensive  but I get it so I just said hello

nice to meet you and went on my way. So

maybe one day you’ll meet your favorite 

rockstar or celebrity and you can say 

Hello Rockstar! 



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