When I went to get my “Gooden axe” years

ago I thought to myself I want to thank the 

maker of this fine instrument. I had no idea

if the guy was still alive or what his name 

was or anything. It wasn’t too long after 

that it seemed pretty random I heard on the 

radio Paul Reed Smith is going to be at the 

Music exchange! He just wants to say hello 

And thank his fans! I went and he said yes?

I said Paul! man! I made a promise to 

myself that I would meet you and thank 

you in person for making such a fine 

Instrument. Thank you so much for making

my guitar and would you sign it for me?

He did and he said something else? I said 

Yes actually let’s talk about rhythm and 

what made it work for you? He told me 

thats the best question I’ve heard in days! 

     Next synchronicity event I had heard a 

Song on the radio and I had no idea what

band was playing the song or who the 

Guitarist even was. I literally had no 

Contact or any kind of relationship with 

That band. I said to myself I would like to 

meet that guitar player and I would like for

him to give me a lesson. I followed the band

On Facebook and within three days the 

guitar player wrote he had been wanting to

teach someone to play guitar if anyone was

interested to contact him. So seriously 

Within three days of not knowing the band 

name or even the guitarist name that I 

heard on the radio and saying I wanted a 

lesson I got the guitar lesson I wanted. I 

got to know the guitarist fairly well and 

I met him  several times in person. 

    Third event I was wanting a new part 

time job. I decided I wanted to work 

Saturday mornings and only at one specific 

Job. I went on the computer job search

board and the ad read wanted help 

Saturday mornings only and it was the 

exact job I wanted! I applied and within 

about 5 minutes I had an interview for the 

exact job I wanted. I got the job and 

I currently still work there.  

     Another time I wanted a discount on a 

T shirt and said to myself I’ll only buy this 

Shirt at a discount. I reached the register

and the cashier said can I offer you a 

discount on that shirt? I never asked for the 

discount she offered it to me.  Another 

time a customer who had not been 

particularly friendly to me I imagined he 

would give me money on his departure 

and thank me. The next day he did exactly 

that he said thank you for everything and 

he gave me money! Another time someone 

had something I wanted and I thought I 

wish they would give me that thing and I 

did not ask for it and I never mentioned 

having any interest in the item but he said

I no longer need this so I have decided to 

Just give this to you. Also I thought of an 

old friend I didn’t have contact with and I 

thought I wish they would turn up….they

said I don’t know why but I was suddenly 

thinking about you and decided to come 

Visit. Another time I thought I wish this 

lawyer  friend would turn up I really

have an interesting question I would like 

to ask them….I turned around and my 

lawyer friend came walking in the door 

Saying I was just in the neighborhood we

Should grab dinner sometime. 

What makes it work? I have no idea but I 

Can’t say it doesn’t exist because I have to

many unbelievable stories about it. The one 

thing I have not had success with though is 

winning  the lottery! I have all these 

amazing and unbelievable things happen

but so far the lottery has remained elusive.

Obviously I am a huge fan of the topic.

If anyone has any idea on how I can get 

That lottery win to work that’d be great!
Feel free to share your ideas and stories



3 thoughts on “Synchronicity 

  1. Beautiful wood on your guitar. My son is a musician, too. He’s put up some of his music on a website, It’s all him, every instrument and vocal. Plus he writes the songs.

    I think the Higher Power(s) in and beyond the universe interact with us primarily through “coincidence” so that our free will won’t be screwed up. Synchronicity is a great word for it.

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