Do you believe in ghost? Of course not it’s 

Nonsense! There is no such thing as ghost 

I hear people say. A friend said when it’s 

Over its over! I said so when you die what 

happens? He said everything just goes 

black and it’s over. Is that what you 

believe? I don’t believe that. I think what 

made me not believe that is Einstein! 

Einstein said energy cannot be created or 

destroyed but can only transform from one 

form to another. 

    I was going to a music school to learn 

to be a rock god! Because what better goal

Than becoming a rock god? The school has 

a reception area and a narrow hallway that

has several rooms that are on each side of

the hallway. I walked in walked to just 

Outside the owner’s  and music teachers 

Room. I opened my guitar case and took out

My guitar. I walked in with my guitar and 

Sat down in the chair. I put the music 

lesson on the music stand and I finally said

hi I am ready! Are you? The music teacher 

looked at the lesson and said go! I played 

The section and he said ok for this next 

part let’s do it like this…….so as he was 

explaining something caught my attention 

In the hallway.  I looked and it was the most

Interesting thing I ever saw. I saw a white 

misty transparent figure. It looked like it 

was made of cobwebs! It wasn’t even a 

whole figure….it didn’t have a head… 

Was part of a chest and a pair of legs. I 

Sat in my chair as this figure walked down 

the hallway and past the room I was in. 

I really wanted to jump out of my chair and 

follow it. I wasn’t scared at all! I was 

Amazed! It was literally the coolest thing 

I ever saw. I wondered why wasn’t it 

flying? I mean if I am a ghost why bother

with the unnecessary task of walking? I 

didnt follow it because I thought the music

teacher would be totally freaked if I said 

excuse me let me go see where that ghost

Just went. I waited until after the lesson

and there was no sign of the ghost at all.

He simply walked away and out of sight

never to be seen again. 

I think I might of been able to see it 

because at the time I was doing a lot of 

Meditation. I would spend about 20

Minutes a day meditating. If you want me

to be specefic I was doing a meditation 

Called finding your flow Chopra meditation 

I can’t promise that if you do it you’ll see 

a ghost or that anything will happen at all.

I just think my exeperience was somehow 

related to doing that mediation.  

So do you have any ghost stories? Or is 

there no such thing as ghost? 


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