Comments here 

Your reading a story or seeing a video and 

You think oh that’s funny! Or no I don’t 

agree with that! Let me just write I do not 

agree with that. Alright then I am moving 

On. Next thing you know you get a 

notification. Bradley has replied to your 

Comment. Oh let me see what Bradley has 

to say. Bradley says “your an idiot moron,

and a good for nothing!” You think well

Why couldn’t Bradley just write I disagree 

because of this….but no….then I go back and

Say Bradley you don’t have to agree with

me but my comment is based on logic and 

your comment is I am an idiot moron 

Good for nothing! It’s not a very good 

defense for disagreeing with me in fact 

how you responded is the way an idiot 

good for nothing moron would respond!

So how does that make you feel now 

Bradley? Feeling proud of yourself are you?

I just don’t get why people who disagree

need to start off with your an idiot moron

good for nothing? 


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