Don’t Hate The Rich $$$

A guy shared a unpleasant story with me.

He said you know mostly when I go places 

dressed up people treat me very well. He 

Said but just yesterday a guy sitting in his 

Car started flashing his lights and honking 

his horn at me. He said rude and vulgar 

things trump supporter! Rude and vulgar 

things trump supporter! (Obviously I am 

Censoring what he was told but you

know what he said) the guy said 

I would never say anything like that to 

anyone! He said obviously it shows you 

where our level of society is today! I said 

No! Your both wrong! I said the guy is 

not really mad at you! How can he be mad

at you? as you pointed out you didn’t even

know that guy! I said he is mad at himself 

but he is too stupid to realize it! He is mad

at what you represent! Your obviously 

The rich guy! He is obviously the poor 

guy! He is blaming you for himself being 

poor! I said obviously this person lacks 

Self confidence and awareness and it’s just 

easy to point at you and say I hate you 

rich guy! It’s much harder to say I can be 

rich too if I take continuous action to better 

myself! I said that is what this is really

about. I guess I am fortunate to be able to 

understand both view points. 


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