The Latest Trend

I noticed whatever the latest ailment is 

or as I like to call it “excuse” people say 

I saw it on the internet! That’s the exact 

thing that is ruining my life! When Gluten

Intolerance was announced people said 

no no I am not fat because I eat to much

I saw it on the internet I am gluten 

intolerant! I said yeah but the guy who 

Created that said basically it doesn’t exist!

Yeah but it does I have that! Ha ha yeah

you have an excuse.

Now the fidget toy came out and a guy told

me the reason I haven’t been successful is 

because as soon as anyone tells me 

anything beneficial I zone right out! I 

would be a lot more successful if I had 

a fidget toy! You see the fidget toy would 

allow me to concentrate on stuff and I 

would be successful! No, no sorry to tell

You a psychologist just said a fidget toy 

Will not make you concentrate more. 

People are still going to say but it works for 

me even when experts prove it does not.


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