Auto suggestion 

I want to share auto suggestions because 

It can help eliminate limiting beliefs and 

allow you to reach your goals. Auto 

Suggestion in my opinion is the same as

Self hypnosis. I already said I am a big 

fan of hypnosis. So if you follow the link

I am putting here it’s free and you can use 

It and benefit from it and also I am not 

making any money suggesting it to you.

Self hypnosis
What you believe is just a huge system that 

Can work for you or against you so you

Should use the tool to eliminate any 

negative limiting beliefs and instead have 

your beliefs work in your favor and make 

Your life better. 

Also I will mention I watched a Mind 

Valley Academy masterclass called Bending 

Reality. It talked about meditation, 

Visualization and some road blocks to 

goal setting. So basically what he talks 

about unsurprisingly is self hypnosis once 

Again! He was saying he meditated, he did 

visulazations and he started accomplishing

his goals. He talked about he started on a 

rented couch and he had nothing else…

he then learned about meditation and 

his life started to change and now here he 

is an owner of a huge business a book 

writer and he no longer has to worry 

about money and material possessions.

Personally I think we all want to get to 

That point where we don’t have to think 

about money or “having to work”. So 

If your interested you can check that free 

masterclass and again I am not getting any 

money for suggesting that you watch that 

Class if you have an interest. Mind valley

I hope the information is helpful. 


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