Winning The Powerball

In case you haven’t heard the powerball 

Jackpot is $302,000,000 dollars! Can you 

Imagine your grippy, extra sticky and 

Grimey fingers around that much money?

Winning all that money would be great 

Wouldn’t it? You could finally quit your 

Job! Say take that job and shove it! You 

Could spend your time relaxing and diving 

into a symbolic representation of your

wealth.  (I heard diving into real coins is 


I wouldn’t tell anyone though. I would 

secretly help family and make up some

story about being a “motivational speaker”

maybe even attempt to book a gig and post

it up on my Facebook page just to make 

people really believe it. I would want to 

avoid the pitfalls of lottery winners before 

me. I would have some nice “hidden” things 

because I wouldn’t want my cousins from 

Scotland who have never so much as said 

hello to me start calling me and saying 

hello cousin! My family has fell on hard 

times and the least you could do is give us 

a few 100 grand after all your filthy rotten 

sticking rich and we are family! Some 

might say it’d be bad of me keeping it a 

secret but I wouldn’t keep it a secret 

because I am greedy. I would keep it a 

secret to preserve my own happiness. 

I can see what’s going on with people so 

I can make fortune suddenly appear when 

it was legitimately needed. What would you

do if you won the lottery? 


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