Roller Coaster

Whoo! Hoo! to me there is fewer things 

more fun than Jumping on a Roller Coaster!

Nothing like traveling up and hearing the 

familiar click click click click…..until you

reach 202 feet….pause for a brief moment

throw your hands in the air and feel as if 

your going to fly out of your seat. That is 

The Ranging Bull at Six Flags Great 

America. It’s the tallest, longest and Fastest 

rollar Coaster at Six Flags Great America. 

For the record I believe it’s also the worlds 

first Hyper coaster. Raging Bull 

I am a member of Ace Coasters! Being a

member is great if you love Roller Coasters.

It allows you to be the first to experience 

new Coasters all around the country, get 

behind the scenes and also experience 

ERT! (Extended closed to the public ride 

Times….whoo hoo!) The Joker pictured here 

is Six Flags new 4D free wheel coaster it 

Starts off with a 90 degree angle raven 

drop that will have you flipping head over 

heals literally.  If you haven’t been on a 

Roller Coaster ever you gotta get on one

now! It’s so much fun! It’s not like any other 

experience you have ever have so I 

encourage everyone to jump on! Strap in! 

And enjoy the Ride!

The Batmobile near Batman the ride!


Also I Recommend the Flash Pass! A special 

device that allows you to legally cut the 


Batman The Ride


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