I think everyone loves a good mystery 

Including myself. I am sometimes a sucker 

for a mystery. You know you will see the 

advertisement …..after ordering this 

product you will be a god! That’s right! 

for only $25.00 you too can become part 

of the elite! Make millions of dollars 

and leave the average joes in the dust. 

People will wonder about your great 

success! You will smile at your great 

fortune!  If I told you I had the great secret

and all the sudden you seen me posting 

pictures up of my nice house, my nice car 

my hot girlfriend wouldn’t you say I want 

what that guy has? Of course you would! 

Who wouldn’t? So I usually buy these kinda 

Things not necessarily because I believe 

they will work but because I want to see 

if it has common theme from what I have 

read before. I just got another such book on

the way! To get this book I had to wake up 

at 5 am and order within one hour or miss

my opportunity to get the book. Maybe 

I will write about it. Mostly interesting 

though these books and things have a 

theme. It’s usually two things….one belief 

in yourself and two accessing the power of

the unconscious to help you achieve your 

goals. So interesting that I keep hearing this 

to be the great secret! Maybe I just gave

It to you.  Oh there is one small thing I am

leaving out….one small detail…’s a 

challenge! What one thing did I not 



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