People say you shouldn’t expect things and then you won’t find yourself disappointed. 

I do expect things and I think I should expect things. I believe the things I expect are just what I would Call a standard of decency among friends and family. 

It’s my Birthday today! Happy Birthday to me! So anyway I just got the shaft by a person close to me and at first I was very


I thought what a crap day! Until I read 

Something it reminded me…..even if you have  certain expectations and people let you down what ruins the day more is to respond to it.  So for a minute I did respond to it negatively. I thought you know how disappointing to get such crap from people. 

I then thought about it and decided you know it doesn’t have to effect me. It is how the person is and it has nothing to do with me really it’s just who they are. So I am going to have a good day and that’s the end of it.

So I shook off my bad mood and I had a good day. I thought this was something that I could share with other people since it has been helpful to me. 


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