I was writing a post and an old friend

reminded me of something I forgot all

about. I don't remember how it started

really. All I know is for some reason in

High School I started writing a letter to

a female friend. Maybe one of them had

asked me could you write me a letter? All

I know is somehow I was writing a letter

to a female friend. Well what happened

was she shared my letters with a few of

her close friends. I didn't have any idea

About it. First one friend came to me

and said your the letter writer! Could you

also write a letter for me? I said well I

don't even know you….but you know what

that's ok.. I will write a letter for you.

Then again another girl who I didn't know

she said you! Your the letter writer….I've

read your letters! Can you write for me?

I said well that's what I am doing now

So yeah I'll write for you. So I was writing

three letters a day! I got only few letters

back from them but mainly they just

wanted to read what I had to write. I

enjoyed it! I had a private fan club! I don't

know how long it went on or when I

Stopped writing. Anyway I had forgotten

totally about it. Today I was on Facebook

and one of the women said hey! You! I

really enjoyed when you used to write for

me! I said wow! I had forgotten all about

that but it's something I enjoy so it wasn't

A task! It wasn't hard! all I was doing was

writing a letter. A letter that people really

appreciated. I didn't even know them at

first. It felt good to be appreciated. Maybe

I will write more.

A second thought I saw from a video….

A guy on YouTube his name is morgue

if your interested. He said Artistry is

taking your world inside and sharing it

with the outside world. I thought wow!

it's true! How many cool things does the

world have because of this kind of

sharing? we have Star Wars! We have

Walt Disney world and interestingly

enough I read the most popular BNB

rental it's a themed tree house! What does

That tell you? The world appreciates

these things.

Anyway that's all for now.



I am going to share a few videos because

Nothing motivates me like seeing someone

else “do it”. I think that is one of the great 

Secrets. I will share Peter Dinklage’s 

Speech here. I think his speech is pretty 


I have read many books and pretty much

all of them say the great secret to success is 

Start doing it. If you Just sit on the couch 

and say my life sucks why does everyone 

else get all the breaks….your life will 

continue to as my old supervisor 

used to say “Do Something”.

Last thing I’ll mention before I stop 

rambeling is…..papa swole! You tube Papa 

Swole! He has great motivational talks for

working out but does tend to cuss so I won’t 

post his speech here. 

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of  July! I hope everyone is 

having a fantastic time. Why wouldn’t you 

be having a fantastic time? Think about all

the great things happening today. People 

are off enjoying Beautiful Fireworks. Some 

people are at the beach soaking up the sun

and enjoying all the other beautiful sites.

Besides all the beautiful sites there is all the 

tasty food. Pictured is a Tasty funnel cake

sundae I ate a few weeks back. Maybe your 

eating some delicious ribs or enjoying some 

potato salad. I hope everyone enjoys this 

beautiful and tasty holiday 

Haters gotta hate rant!

It seems you cannot even try to give helpful

Simple advice on the internet anymore 

without someone taking offense. This guy 

was suffering from sleep-paralysis and he 

Shared his experience how it made him an 

artist. He drew images of the terrible things 

that scared him but that has not stopped 

his suffering. Someone commented they

also experienced the same issues and were

struggling with it. I said sorry about the 

cliche but what you resist will persist. 

I said think about it this way what do you 

have to lose facing your fear? Is the boogie

man in your dream really capable of 

killing you? He’s not! He’s made of fluff!

you just imagine him to be scary but the 

reality is it’s just a figment of your 

imagination so you can choose to suffer 

or you can decide I am going to face my 

fear and attack it! Anyway this bonafide 

psychologist chimes in! Oh so your a Dr?

you have all the answers do you?  I said 

how about this Dr….”you can go take a 

hike!” I said you wanna come up on the 

internet and attack me because I am 

providing useful information for free and 

it pisses you off! I said well too bad! I don’t

Care about you Dr! Perhaps you should 

analyze your own life DR! Find out why you 

have no self control! Why you find the need

to hate! Am I making you mad Dr! I said

Ha ha ha! Your not in control here dr! So 

deal with you it! Get yourself together 

instead of coming on here trying to step on

me! Trying to attempt to make me seem

insignificant…I said you don’t have that 

power! Not with me! Go take your hate 

Some where else dr! Because your title 

has no power over me dr! 

Random encounters

I was at the store yesterday and a old woman approached to help me out. She looked interesting! She had grey hair and her eye was almost whited out and she stood slightly hunched over. I thought if I were making a horror film she would be who I would hire! She’s the perfect scary old woman!  She walked up and said it can’t …..(not finishing her sentence) she said what is your name! I told her thinking this situation is interesting I wonder what will happen next (ha ha) she then said oh….how can I help you…..(the situation pretty much ended there) 
It reminded me of a job interview I went to the hiring manager was an old man who immediately said at the start of the interview “you remind me of someone… look exactly like him! But it can’t be! That was so long ago!” Since he bought it up and I felt I was definitely not getting hired due to no fault of my own…I said that’s really interesting! So what kinda impression do you have of this guy that I so much remind you of?  He said it’s irrelevant! (But it wasn’t because he brought it up) I said ok well sorry to have brought up such a bad memory….(ha ha I didn’t get the job)