Haters gotta hate rant!

It seems you cannot even try to give helpful

Simple advice on the internet anymore 

without someone taking offense. This guy 

was suffering from sleep-paralysis and he 

Shared his experience how it made him an 

artist. He drew images of the terrible things 

that scared him but that has not stopped 

his suffering. Someone commented they

also experienced the same issues and were

struggling with it. I said sorry about the 

cliche but what you resist will persist. 

I said think about it this way what do you 

have to lose facing your fear? Is the boogie

man in your dream really capable of 

killing you? He’s not! He’s made of fluff!

you just imagine him to be scary but the 

reality is it’s just a figment of your 

imagination so you can choose to suffer 

or you can decide I am going to face my 

fear and attack it! Anyway this bonafide 

psychologist chimes in! Oh so your a Dr?

you have all the answers do you?  I said 

how about this Dr….”you can go take a 

hike!” I said you wanna come up on the 

internet and attack me because I am 

providing useful information for free and 

it pisses you off! I said well too bad! I don’t

Care about you Dr! Perhaps you should 

analyze your own life DR! Find out why you 

have no self control! Why you find the need

to hate! Am I making you mad Dr! I said

Ha ha ha! Your not in control here dr! So 

deal with you it! Get yourself together 

instead of coming on here trying to step on

me! Trying to attempt to make me seem

insignificant…I said you don’t have that 

power! Not with me! Go take your hate 

Some where else dr! Because your title 

has no power over me dr! 


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