Random encounters

I was at the store yesterday and a old woman approached to help me out. She looked interesting! She had grey hair and her eye was almost whited out and she stood slightly hunched over. I thought if I were making a horror film she would be who I would hire! She’s the perfect scary old woman!  She walked up and said it can’t …..(not finishing her sentence) she said what is your name! I told her thinking this situation is interesting I wonder what will happen next (ha ha) she then said oh….how can I help you…..(the situation pretty much ended there) 
It reminded me of a job interview I went to the hiring manager was an old man who immediately said at the start of the interview “you remind me of someone…..you look exactly like him! But it can’t be! That was so long ago!” Since he bought it up and I felt I was definitely not getting hired due to no fault of my own…I said that’s really interesting! So what kinda impression do you have of this guy that I so much remind you of?  He said it’s irrelevant! (But it wasn’t because he brought it up) I said ok well sorry to have brought up such a bad memory….(ha ha I didn’t get the job) 


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