I was writing a post and an old friend

reminded me of something I forgot all

about. I don't remember how it started

really. All I know is for some reason in

High School I started writing a letter to

a female friend. Maybe one of them had

asked me could you write me a letter? All

I know is somehow I was writing a letter

to a female friend. Well what happened

was she shared my letters with a few of

her close friends. I didn't have any idea

About it. First one friend came to me

and said your the letter writer! Could you

also write a letter for me? I said well I

don't even know you….but you know what

that's ok.. I will write a letter for you.

Then again another girl who I didn't know

she said you! Your the letter writer….I've

read your letters! Can you write for me?

I said well that's what I am doing now

So yeah I'll write for you. So I was writing

three letters a day! I got only few letters

back from them but mainly they just

wanted to read what I had to write. I

enjoyed it! I had a private fan club! I don't

know how long it went on or when I

Stopped writing. Anyway I had forgotten

totally about it. Today I was on Facebook

and one of the women said hey! You! I

really enjoyed when you used to write for

me! I said wow! I had forgotten all about

that but it's something I enjoy so it wasn't

A task! It wasn't hard! all I was doing was

writing a letter. A letter that people really

appreciated. I didn't even know them at

first. It felt good to be appreciated. Maybe

I will write more.

A second thought I saw from a video….

A guy on YouTube his name is morgue

if your interested. He said Artistry is

taking your world inside and sharing it

with the outside world. I thought wow!

it's true! How many cool things does the

world have because of this kind of

sharing? we have Star Wars! We have

Walt Disney world and interestingly

enough I read the most popular BNB

rental it's a themed tree house! What does

That tell you? The world appreciates

these things.

Anyway that's all for now.


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