I was actually inspired by an excuse to

write this blog post. So to tell the story I

have to tell you Six flags is having their

Season pass/dining pass sale now!

Basically if your a coaster fan and you

buy the season pass/dining pass it ends

up paying for itself. Anyway this guy on

a coaster enthusiast fan page was

saying oh I like coasters but six flags cost

too much! I said that’s funny because let

me show you the math and how it is

actually 100% free! So how can you

complain it cost too much? Then what did

the guy say? Well….it’s too far away!

Excuses get in the way of your

success! So don’t allow yourself to make

excuses. Just observe and you will see the

people that have “such bad luck” are the

ones Sitting around making excuses.

I just read a post I really want to watch

game of thrones but I cannot afford the

$15.00 a month HBO charge! It’s too much

money! Why don’t you take a part time

Job then? Why don’t you look for a better

Job? Why don’t you try to sell something

you no longer need? Or you can make

an excuse and say “I can’t afford it”…..

I am really careful about what I say…..

because the quote “your are blessed or

cursed by your own beliefs” is actually

true. So be creative and say what can I do

that would allow me to reach my goal of

having that $15.00 extra a month? Or how

can I walk 5 miles a day? Or what class

Can I take that will allow me to make

more money?

I am done ranting for today.


Weight loss

So I’ve lost 4 pounds in the past six days

and I anticipate the trend will continue…..

I know…..I know! Your saying I want to

lose 4 pounds in 7 days and have that

continue for me! Can you tell me how you

did it? Yes! It goes back to daily habits!

everyday I walk five miles to start my

day. Then whatever I get in addition to my

five miles is gravy on top! In addition I use

the lose it ap. Basically you enter what

your eating into the ap and it tells you

basically stop eating fatty! (If you want

to lose weight) it’s says it in a nice way..

Really that is all I’ve done and the weight

is just coming off and pretty soon I can

rock the “Six pack Abs” and keep on

stacking positive habits with positive

results and I can go around singing this

All I do is win! ….(ha ha) make it a

Personal mantra! Did you catch that?

All I do is win…..make that your personal

mantra. also since I like sharing what I

come across so other people can have

success and be happy too….I got a

YouTube video to share with you because

you want to be ripped and hot and all

that stuff right? Stop sugar cravings

Ok that’s it for now and keep winning


I was thinking about it what makes me

motivated or not motivated? is it Desire?

Un satisfaction or what? I think for me

personally I think it’s just about not being

Satisfied. I remember asking a boss for a

raise once and he said No! He thought he

was punishing me so he gave me a week

off! I phoned him the next day and said I

really want to thank you for giving me the

entire week off! I said you refused to give

me the raise but having just the day off

was enough for me to get a proper paying

job…so you know I proved to you that I

deserved that raise! You didn’t give it to

me….I gave it to myself because I knew I

deserved it and that’s all I needed to know.

I said anyway I am quitting this crappy

job! I am only sorry I didn’t do it sooner!

He actually apologized to me! He gave me

A Thousand dollars! Really $1,000 as a I

am sorry I screwed up……so the point

is how you get your motivation doesn’t

matter! The thing is you just need a

reason to say these circumstances are no

longer acceptable to me. I am better than

that! Or I deserve better!

I will share a RSD Tyler video on

motivation….something I had thought

about…what ways can I make that

motivation effortless or seem effortless?

again he kinda hints on “the process”.

I hope you enjoyed the blog…feel free to

comment or tell me what you want to talk


Effortless motivation


I don’t know if I talked about this before

but in the book I previously mentioned

about metaphors the writer talks about

writing a list everyday of things to be

thankful for. I do this on occasion and

I think the point is mainly to put yourself

in a positive state of mind. If your doing

this on a regular basis your going to be

in a better mood because you are making

yourself aware of the good things. In the

past two days two people have

commented oh the thing you said to me

awhile ago that has really helped me out

it was really meaningful and I want to

say thank you. So I say things because I

feel like oh wait this could be helpful to

someone and then I forget about it and a

lot of times it comes back to me as a

surprise thank you and that can be a

really meaningful thing. I just thought I

would share that.

Process orientated

So I was watching another video and in

that video the speaker was saying he

recommended RSD Taylor for some

practical life lessons. I guess RSD Taylor is

a pick up artist. My appeal isn’t so much

that I want to be a pick up artist just I

wanted to see what this guy was up to.

Also being a major hypn/influence fan

why wouldn’t I check it out? So I watched

a random RSD Taylor video and he said

most people are result orientated and that

makes you pathetic and creepy in the

pick up game. He was saying to enjoy the

process! I hadn’t actually realized this was

a thing. I found that I am actually a

process type person anyway so there was

no effort for me to be process orientated

because personally I already enjoy the

process. If you focus on the goal….i.e. the

girl your not going to enjoy the moment

because your focus is not on the right

thing as RSD Taylor was saying.

Personally I love when I get an

opportunity to play “The game”.

An example my mom wanted a slightly

damaged object in a store at a discount.

I declared I’ll get it to you for 50% off.

I went to the sales manager and said

mark this down 50% it’s damaged! He said

“There is no way your getting this for 50%

Off”. (I loved it! Because I knew I was

going head to head with a professional

and I was going to win this game)

I said I’ll tell you why I will get this for

50%! I said who do you think wants this

piece of crap? How are sales this week

Bob? What is your job here? Are you

leaving stuff on your shelf? Or are you

selling? So what’s it going to be Bob?

Are you selling or do you want another

disappointment? He said follow me to

the register I’ll give you 50% off! To me it

was all about the game and I loved it!

so enjoy the game!

Rick & Morty

I had sudden flash of inspiration I wanted

to share. A random person asked what is

with this Rick And Morty? Why should I

watch Rick and Morty? Without thinking I

instantly responded….The last thing this

World needs is another Morty! Ok!……

Whatever you do don’t be a Morty! I said

you need to be a Rick! Burp…..that’s all I

Gotta say! I thought it was clever and

Funny and captured the essence of the


If you haven’t watched the show some

things to know Rick And Morty are voiced

by the same guy. Morty is this unsure

unconfident kid and he often has a shaky

Voice. Rick is an alcoholic genius! He does

things seemingly without fear and

although he does screw up usually he

figures things out in a genius type of way.

So what did my instant response mean?

who are Rick and Morty? Let’s check it

Out! The last thing this world needs

is another Morty! Don’t be a Morty!

Morty is your conscious mind! It’s always

asking you stuff like should I do this or

should I do that? I don’t know! It’s the

scared shaky and fearful individual that

often acts by not acting! Because if I don’t

act at least I know I’ll be safe! And Rick is

your subconscious this fearless action

taking genius! In one episode he turned

himself into a pickle fell down a drain and

and was about to be eaten by a cave full of

Rats! He had literally got himself into a

pickle! He used his genius level of

thinking to overcome the seemingly

impossible! He killed the rats and made it

home safe and sound. He enjoyed the

challenge as a testament to his own

Greatness! so I’ll say it again whatever you

do don’t be a Morty! That’s the last thing

this world needs.


I watched a great episode of South Park

that illustrated perspective perfectly.

The episode starts with Cartmann crying

in the hall way. His friends ask him what’s

wrong? He says I will never reach my

dreams! They say sure you can reach your

dreams. What is your dream? To be a

NASCAR driver! The issue is I am neither

poor enough or dumb enough to be a

NASCAR driver. He decides to reach his

dream he must become poor and stupid!

He gives all his money away to Butters to

be poor. Then he hangs upside down

watching NASCAR in an attempt to

become stupid! While watching NASCAR

he sees a commercial vagicil may make

you have short term memory loss. He

thinks this is a great thing to further make

him stupid. He goes to the store and starts

eating vagecil. A lady sees him and says

your the stupidest kid I ever seen! he

takes this as a sign that he his ready to

achieve his goal because after all he’s

stupid and poor now. He steals a NASCAR

and wrecks the car and ends up in the

hospital. The dr said your the stupidest

kid ever! Cartman again feels very

motivated after his doctor tells him how

stupid he is.

The show is meant to be funny but I

Thought it was excellent to illustrate


Work through the pain!

I saw this video yesterday Work through the pain.

In this video a little boy let’s fear cause

him pain. In his head he thinks when I

hit this board it’s going to hurt my hand

and I am afraid.

Today a friend wrote on Facebook I rather

drink beer then get involved in a

relationship again because the beer

doesn’t hurt so much! I said watch this

video! Your going to avoid happiness

because your afraid you might get hurt?

but once the boy gets past his fear you see

he easily and without pain he breaks

through that board and find success on

the other side of that board.

So I would say don’t let the pain get in the

way of your success.

Are they crazy? Aaagh…..

Recently I came across a ad on Facebook.

Basically the ad was we can help you be

successful! Just click here and we will call

You! I don’t like to see people get taken

advantage of. Some people have a hard

Time having any kinda money! They

see some ad on Facebook and a slick

talking person with a little know how

Can easily talk them out of some big

Cash! I don’t like to see that. It’s not fair

to see someone taken advantage of like

that. So I commented the secret to success

is actually easy! I think I blogged about

it several times in one form or another.

Like Jeff Olson says in the slight edge it’s

your daily habits that make you successful

Or not. Also The miracle Morning writer

Hal Elrod! You know he talks about doing

this mourning routine and that makes you

successful. It’s the same thing! It’s a daily

Habit that brings positive results. Bob

Proctor talks about it…..he says if you

want to change your paradigm you have

to impress your affirmations onto the

subconscious mind by repeating it over

and over and over and over again. It’s

the same thing…..daily habit! I read a 100

books and they are all saying the same

thing. Anyway so I commented in the

Facebook ad here the secret is here for

free do daily positive habits that move you

toward your goal every day! this woman

saw my comment and she went on my

Page and basically liked all my public

posts and she wrote…..I need to hear you!

I guess she feels I am some sorta guru now

and I am not a guru…..I just read a lot and

I don’t like to see people get ripped off and

so I pass on information that I think is

Helpful. But anyway I don’t want anyone

fanatically obsessed with me because I

read helpful information.

Shhh be very quiet

I have found time and time again that it
Often serves me well to be quiet myself!

More times than not I have said something which I thought to be un meaningful or insignificant only to find out later that what I said causes me headaches or people use information
you tell them in nefarious ways.

I then think gee whiz! I thought I was engaging in a open discussion with a friend and as the song lyric goes "True friends stab you from the front".

It's really disappointing that you can't have nice conversations with people sometimes without them using what you tell them against you. I think I can now see the advantages of talking to a stuffed "Wilson" volleyball the conversation doesn't have to go anywhere else and I still have the opportunity to speak my mind.

So I feel I will not be telling people things
as often as I used to simply because a lot of them can't be trusted.