Festival dress code

I am very close to the Festival

Lollapalooza! I seen a clear example of

"Social manipulation" but I wonder how

it happens exactly? As I was stuck in

traffic because of the festival I had an

opportunity to watch the crowd. What I

noticed was thousands of young women

dressed exactly the same. Particularly

they were all wearing cut off short jeans

and most showing some skin. (To put it in

a non offensive manner)

I thought about it and there is no way that

is an accident. Obviously this massively

large crowd all dressed the same way

were massively influenced to dress that

way. Anyway if I had that answer to

massively influence a crowd to buy a

particular thing I'd be filthy rotten

Stinking rich which is very appealing

to me. Any ideas on how this massive

Crowd was so massively influenced?


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