The folding Chair

I went to do my dreaded laundry at the

Laundry mat. As I pulled up I was even

more disappointed. The laundry mat was

Packed to the gills. I quickly stuffed my

Clothes in several machines and then

thought how should I pass the time?

I then remembered I have a folding chair!

Nooo! I wasn't going to pull out my folding

chair right in the middle of the asphalt…

then I thought why not? I decided to do

it….I pulled out the chair sat down put in

my headphones and pulled out the book…

Then oh my god! I was actually living the

good life! The sun beat down on my

beautifully and and a gentle breeze kept

me cool! Happy music filled my ears and I

Was reading and enjoying the book too…

Wow! This is great! I really did feel like I

was on vacation and living the good life!

So I wanted to share that with you guys

and encourage you to buy your own

folding chair.


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