Movie pass

I don’t know think I blogged about this

before but it’s such a good deal. I just have

to talk about it and let you all also take

advantage of it if you want. So movie pass

You pay $9.99 a month right and then you

literally could go to the movies and watch

brand new movies every single day.

they do have one stipulation you gotta

make it a 2d movie but that isn’t a

problem. So you literally could watch 30

movies or 31 depending on the days in the

month and you just would pay $9.99.

The service is so popular though they

are taking about six weeks to send out

the card after you sign up. I must admit

I am super impatient and didn’t enjoy

waiting for the movie pass to arrive.

Now that I have it though I feel as though

I have a super power….seeing all the

movies I want for only $9.99 a month….

We’re talking on the big screen with

Surround sound…..all for $9.99….why

wouldn’t everyone do it? Anyway you

might see me blogging about movies

since I am about to watch 31 of them ha


Here’s a link for the movie pass

I subscribed to MoviePass, a service that lets me see a movie a day in theaters nationwide for only $9.95/month, and I want you to join, too! MoviePass is the BEST way to see all the biggest hits so sign up today! See you at the theater!


Future Memory

I was at the library and thought I’d look

for a obscure book to read or at least see

what obscure books they had. I stumbled

upon a book I believe is called future memory…

I just barely started reading it but it is

very interesting….it talked about how a

Fiction writer had told the story of the

Titan a unsinkable ship

that sinks in April because it got hit by

a iceberg…..exactly like what happened to

the Titanic. It also mentions a Edgar Allen

Poe story about a cabin boy that gets eaten

and 43 years later a story happened that

matched Edgar Allen Poe’s story exactly

even matching the victims name.

That is pretty crazy stuff to read about.

I will continue reading the book as it

seems very interesting to me. I just

thought I’d mention it in case anyone else

would like to read it.

Clowns, Bigfoot,aliens and Monsters Oh My!

The other day I mentioned the

Improvement Pill as a channel to follow.

Another topic I like is all the weird things

that can’t be explained. Hearing one of

those stories gets me rubbing my hands

together with Antci….pation. I mean what

Is really cooler than mysterious things you

don’t know about? What would you think

If you saw a ghost? An alien or Bigfoot?

Moving on…. there is a YouTube channel

Called Wooodward Tv….and all the guy

Talks about with a worried dramatic voice

Is weird crazy stories! So if you like the

Weird and mysterious as much as me go

check out his channel. Woodwardtv

Improvement Pill

I like sharing things that I stumble upon

and that I think is helpful to me and other

people. I recently subscribed to YouTube

Red. Part of my daily habits is watching

positive helpful YouTube videos. So some

Of the cool topics he talks about are

Weight management, meditation money

and relationships…..basically cool stuff.

I’ll share a video so you can decide for

yourself if you want to watch his videos.

oh and he is not paying me to suggest that

people check out his videos. I just enjoy

his videos. Improvement pill


What’s annoying you ask? So yesterday

I had the unfortunate experience of

signing up to work for 12 hours but then

that night literally I could not sleep at all.

I happened to mention it to a few people

and it just came back to haunt me!

The level of stupidness that happened

yesterday was unbelievable! First I told

my co worker….I am going on break

please do not disturb me as I had zero

sleep last night and if I could get half hour

of rest that would be fantastic! What did

my co worker do? He invited the guy next

door to microwave his food while In the

room I was trying to sleep in? Really

Dude? Really! You can’t be serious right

now can you? I had told a relative about

it and just as I had finished my 12 hour

shift and was going for my long drive

home…..I got a text? So how are you

holding up? Are you serious right now?

I just worked 12 hours been awake for

24 hours and your going to ask how am

I holding up? That was really annoying!

So basically I am saying be mindful!

If someone is having a current

aggravation don’t ask them how it is.

the person suffering is trying to forget

that they are suffering and so it really

sucks if someone asks them so how is

that suffering doing?


yesterday I went to the grocery store and I

saw a guy. He was standing in front of a

grocery store and saying he was selling

candy for a football team? But was he?

I told him I am on a diet… candy for

me thanks! (Rejected) he then said well

how about a donation? I said no I am not

in the mood. He scruffed and gave a

disgusted look. So what could of he done

differently? Wear his football uniform…

go to a location that isn’t already selling

candy. Create a football Facebook page

invite the public to the games and talk

about the positive impact football is

having on them. Also in watching another

RSD Tyler video he said “rejection just

tells you your not doing something right.”

so if you don’t like the response your

getting change your actions! So as I had

that experience I thought it is something

I can share.


I wasn’t really into thinking

Aromatherapy was useful in any kind of

way. But I spent some time thinking could

it be useful? If it can be useful how can it

be useful? What I thought about was

when I go to a festival or amusement park

what gets me in that kinda mood? The

smell of funnel cakes! Isn’t that a great

smell? The smell of powdered sugar and

fried dough! Doesn’t that put you in a

mood? It does right? So then I got a

diffuser and I have been a long time

insomniac…..I used wintergreen oil in a

diffuser I got from Bed Bath and Beyond

for $40.00. What I noticed is yeah it

changed my mood smelling that

wintergreen in the air….I was knocked out

within an hour! It only takes like 3 to 5

drops of the oil and you can keep the

smell going for hours. What I thought then

was you can use these smells as hypnotic

anchors! So when I smell wintergreen I

relax quickly and easily and drift off into

a deep peaceful sleep. Here is an example

of a hypnotic anchor Hypnotic anchor.

so if your having trouble sleeping or want

to create certain states of mind you can do

that with hypnotic anchors and smells.

This is just an idea hopefully it is of value

to you.


I was actually inspired by an excuse to

write this blog post. So to tell the story I

have to tell you Six flags is having their

Season pass/dining pass sale now!

Basically if your a coaster fan and you

buy the season pass/dining pass it ends

up paying for itself. Anyway this guy on

a coaster enthusiast fan page was

saying oh I like coasters but six flags cost

too much! I said that’s funny because let

me show you the math and how it is

actually 100% free! So how can you

complain it cost too much? Then what did

the guy say? Well….it’s too far away!

Excuses get in the way of your

success! So don’t allow yourself to make

excuses. Just observe and you will see the

people that have “such bad luck” are the

ones Sitting around making excuses.

I just read a post I really want to watch

game of thrones but I cannot afford the

$15.00 a month HBO charge! It’s too much

money! Why don’t you take a part time

Job then? Why don’t you look for a better

Job? Why don’t you try to sell something

you no longer need? Or you can make

an excuse and say “I can’t afford it”…..

I am really careful about what I say…..

because the quote “your are blessed or

cursed by your own beliefs” is actually

true. So be creative and say what can I do

that would allow me to reach my goal of

having that $15.00 extra a month? Or how

can I walk 5 miles a day? Or what class

Can I take that will allow me to make

more money?

I am done ranting for today.

Weight loss

So I’ve lost 4 pounds in the past six days

and I anticipate the trend will continue…..

I know…..I know! Your saying I want to

lose 4 pounds in 7 days and have that

continue for me! Can you tell me how you

did it? Yes! It goes back to daily habits!

everyday I walk five miles to start my

day. Then whatever I get in addition to my

five miles is gravy on top! In addition I use

the lose it ap. Basically you enter what

your eating into the ap and it tells you

basically stop eating fatty! (If you want

to lose weight) it’s says it in a nice way..

Really that is all I’ve done and the weight

is just coming off and pretty soon I can

rock the “Six pack Abs” and keep on

stacking positive habits with positive

results and I can go around singing this

All I do is win! ….(ha ha) make it a

Personal mantra! Did you catch that?

All I do is win…..make that your personal

mantra. also since I like sharing what I

come across so other people can have

success and be happy too….I got a

YouTube video to share with you because

you want to be ripped and hot and all

that stuff right? Stop sugar cravings

Ok that’s it for now and keep winning


I was thinking about it what makes me

motivated or not motivated? is it Desire?

Un satisfaction or what? I think for me

personally I think it’s just about not being

Satisfied. I remember asking a boss for a

raise once and he said No! He thought he

was punishing me so he gave me a week

off! I phoned him the next day and said I

really want to thank you for giving me the

entire week off! I said you refused to give

me the raise but having just the day off

was enough for me to get a proper paying

job…so you know I proved to you that I

deserved that raise! You didn’t give it to

me….I gave it to myself because I knew I

deserved it and that’s all I needed to know.

I said anyway I am quitting this crappy

job! I am only sorry I didn’t do it sooner!

He actually apologized to me! He gave me

A Thousand dollars! Really $1,000 as a I

am sorry I screwed up……so the point

is how you get your motivation doesn’t

matter! The thing is you just need a

reason to say these circumstances are no

longer acceptable to me. I am better than

that! Or I deserve better!

I will share a RSD Tyler video on

motivation….something I had thought

about…what ways can I make that

motivation effortless or seem effortless?

again he kinda hints on “the process”.

I hope you enjoyed the blog…feel free to

comment or tell me what you want to talk


Effortless motivation