Haters gotta hate rant!

It seems you cannot even try to give helpful

Simple advice on the internet anymore 

without someone taking offense. This guy 

was suffering from sleep-paralysis and he 

Shared his experience how it made him an 

artist. He drew images of the terrible things 

that scared him but that has not stopped 

his suffering. Someone commented they

also experienced the same issues and were

struggling with it. I said sorry about the 

cliche but what you resist will persist. 

I said think about it this way what do you 

have to lose facing your fear? Is the boogie

man in your dream really capable of 

killing you? He’s not! He’s made of fluff!

you just imagine him to be scary but the 

reality is it’s just a figment of your 

imagination so you can choose to suffer 

or you can decide I am going to face my 

fear and attack it! Anyway this bonafide 

psychologist chimes in! Oh so your a Dr?

you have all the answers do you?  I said 

how about this Dr….”you can go take a 

hike!” I said you wanna come up on the 

internet and attack me because I am 

providing useful information for free and 

it pisses you off! I said well too bad! I don’t

Care about you Dr! Perhaps you should 

analyze your own life DR! Find out why you 

have no self control! Why you find the need

to hate! Am I making you mad Dr! I said

Ha ha ha! Your not in control here dr! So 

deal with you it! Get yourself together 

instead of coming on here trying to step on

me! Trying to attempt to make me seem

insignificant…I said you don’t have that 

power! Not with me! Go take your hate 

Some where else dr! Because your title 

has no power over me dr! 


Random encounters

I was at the store yesterday and a old woman approached to help me out. She looked interesting! She had grey hair and her eye was almost whited out and she stood slightly hunched over. I thought if I were making a horror film she would be who I would hire! She’s the perfect scary old woman!  She walked up and said it can’t …..(not finishing her sentence) she said what is your name! I told her thinking this situation is interesting I wonder what will happen next (ha ha) she then said oh….how can I help you…..(the situation pretty much ended there) 
It reminded me of a job interview I went to the hiring manager was an old man who immediately said at the start of the interview “you remind me of someone…..you look exactly like him! But it can’t be! That was so long ago!” Since he bought it up and I felt I was definitely not getting hired due to no fault of my own…I said that’s really interesting! So what kinda impression do you have of this guy that I so much remind you of?  He said it’s irrelevant! (But it wasn’t because he brought it up) I said ok well sorry to have brought up such a bad memory….(ha ha I didn’t get the job) 


People say you shouldn’t expect things and then you won’t find yourself disappointed. 

I do expect things and I think I should expect things. I believe the things I expect are just what I would Call a standard of decency among friends and family. 

It’s my Birthday today! Happy Birthday to me! So anyway I just got the shaft by a person close to me and at first I was very


I thought what a crap day! Until I read 

Something it reminded me…..even if you have  certain expectations and people let you down what ruins the day more is to respond to it.  So for a minute I did respond to it negatively. I thought you know how disappointing to get such crap from people. 

I then thought about it and decided you know it doesn’t have to effect me. It is how the person is and it has nothing to do with me really it’s just who they are. So I am going to have a good day and that’s the end of it.

So I shook off my bad mood and I had a good day. I thought this was something that I could share with other people since it has been helpful to me. 


I think everyone loves a good mystery 

Including myself. I am sometimes a sucker 

for a mystery. You know you will see the 

advertisement …..after ordering this 

product you will be a god! That’s right! 

for only $25.00 you too can become part 

of the elite! Make millions of dollars 

and leave the average joes in the dust. 

People will wonder about your great 

success! You will smile at your great 

fortune!  If I told you I had the great secret

and all the sudden you seen me posting 

pictures up of my nice house, my nice car 

my hot girlfriend wouldn’t you say I want 

what that guy has? Of course you would! 

Who wouldn’t? So I usually buy these kinda 

Things not necessarily because I believe 

they will work but because I want to see 

if it has common theme from what I have 

read before. I just got another such book on

the way! To get this book I had to wake up 

at 5 am and order within one hour or miss

my opportunity to get the book. Maybe 

I will write about it. Mostly interesting 

though these books and things have a 

theme. It’s usually two things….one belief 

in yourself and two accessing the power of

the unconscious to help you achieve your 

goals. So interesting that I keep hearing this 

to be the great secret! Maybe I just gave

It to you.  Oh there is one small thing I am

leaving out….one small detail…..it’s a 

challenge! What one thing did I not 


Roller Coaster

Whoo! Hoo! to me there is fewer things 

more fun than Jumping on a Roller Coaster!

Nothing like traveling up and hearing the 

familiar click click click click…..until you

reach 202 feet….pause for a brief moment

throw your hands in the air and feel as if 

your going to fly out of your seat. That is 

The Ranging Bull at Six Flags Great 

America. It’s the tallest, longest and Fastest 

rollar Coaster at Six Flags Great America. 

For the record I believe it’s also the worlds 

first Hyper coaster. Raging Bull 

I am a member of Ace Coasters! Being a

member is great if you love Roller Coasters.

It allows you to be the first to experience 

new Coasters all around the country, get 

behind the scenes and also experience 

ERT! (Extended closed to the public ride 

Times….whoo hoo!) The Joker pictured here 

is Six Flags new 4D free wheel coaster it 

Starts off with a 90 degree angle raven 

drop that will have you flipping head over 

heals literally.  If you haven’t been on a 

Roller Coaster ever you gotta get on one

now! It’s so much fun! It’s not like any other 

experience you have ever have so I 

encourage everyone to jump on! Strap in! 

And enjoy the Ride!

The Batmobile near Batman the ride!


Also I Recommend the Flash Pass! A special 

device that allows you to legally cut the 


Batman The Ride

Winning The Powerball

In case you haven’t heard the powerball 

Jackpot is $302,000,000 dollars! Can you 

Imagine your grippy, extra sticky and 

Grimey fingers around that much money?

Winning all that money would be great 

Wouldn’t it? You could finally quit your 

Job! Say take that job and shove it! You 

Could spend your time relaxing and diving 

into a symbolic representation of your

wealth.  (I heard diving into real coins is 


I wouldn’t tell anyone though. I would 

secretly help family and make up some

story about being a “motivational speaker”

maybe even attempt to book a gig and post

it up on my Facebook page just to make 

people really believe it. I would want to 

avoid the pitfalls of lottery winners before 

me. I would have some nice “hidden” things 

because I wouldn’t want my cousins from 

Scotland who have never so much as said 

hello to me start calling me and saying 

hello cousin! My family has fell on hard 

times and the least you could do is give us 

a few 100 grand after all your filthy rotten 

sticking rich and we are family! Some 

might say it’d be bad of me keeping it a 

secret but I wouldn’t keep it a secret 

because I am greedy. I would keep it a 

secret to preserve my own happiness. 

I can see what’s going on with people so 

I can make fortune suddenly appear when 

it was legitimately needed. What would you

do if you won the lottery? 

Auto suggestion 

I want to share auto suggestions because 

It can help eliminate limiting beliefs and 

allow you to reach your goals. Auto 

Suggestion in my opinion is the same as

Self hypnosis. I already said I am a big 

fan of hypnosis. So if you follow the link

I am putting here it’s free and you can use 

It and benefit from it and also I am not 

making any money suggesting it to you.

Self hypnosis
What you believe is just a huge system that 

Can work for you or against you so you

Should use the tool to eliminate any 

negative limiting beliefs and instead have 

your beliefs work in your favor and make 

Your life better. 

Also I will mention I watched a Mind 

Valley Academy masterclass called Bending 

Reality. It talked about meditation, 

Visualization and some road blocks to 

goal setting. So basically what he talks 

about unsurprisingly is self hypnosis once 

Again! He was saying he meditated, he did 

visulazations and he started accomplishing

his goals. He talked about he started on a 

rented couch and he had nothing else…

he then learned about meditation and 

his life started to change and now here he 

is an owner of a huge business a book 

writer and he no longer has to worry 

about money and material possessions.

Personally I think we all want to get to 

That point where we don’t have to think 

about money or “having to work”. So 

If your interested you can check that free 

masterclass and again I am not getting any 

money for suggesting that you watch that 

Class if you have an interest. Mind valley

I hope the information is helpful. 

The Latest Trend

I noticed whatever the latest ailment is 

or as I like to call it “excuse” people say 

I saw it on the internet! That’s the exact 

thing that is ruining my life! When Gluten

Intolerance was announced people said 

no no I am not fat because I eat to much

I saw it on the internet I am gluten 

intolerant! I said yeah but the guy who 

Created that said basically it doesn’t exist!

Yeah but it does I have that! Ha ha yeah

you have an excuse.

Now the fidget toy came out and a guy told

me the reason I haven’t been successful is 

because as soon as anyone tells me 

anything beneficial I zone right out! I 

would be a lot more successful if I had 

a fidget toy! You see the fidget toy would 

allow me to concentrate on stuff and I 

would be successful! No, no sorry to tell

You a psychologist just said a fidget toy 

Will not make you concentrate more. 

People are still going to say but it works for 

me even when experts prove it does not.

Don’t Hate The Rich $$$

A guy shared a unpleasant story with me.

He said you know mostly when I go places 

dressed up people treat me very well. He 

Said but just yesterday a guy sitting in his 

Car started flashing his lights and honking 

his horn at me. He said rude and vulgar 

things trump supporter! Rude and vulgar 

things trump supporter! (Obviously I am 

Censoring what he was told but you

know what he said) the guy said 

I would never say anything like that to 

anyone! He said obviously it shows you 

where our level of society is today! I said 

No! Your both wrong! I said the guy is 

not really mad at you! How can he be mad

at you? as you pointed out you didn’t even

know that guy! I said he is mad at himself 

but he is too stupid to realize it! He is mad

at what you represent! Your obviously 

The rich guy! He is obviously the poor 

guy! He is blaming you for himself being 

poor! I said obviously this person lacks 

Self confidence and awareness and it’s just 

easy to point at you and say I hate you 

rich guy! It’s much harder to say I can be 

rich too if I take continuous action to better 

myself! I said that is what this is really

about. I guess I am fortunate to be able to 

understand both view points. 

Comments here 

Your reading a story or seeing a video and 

You think oh that’s funny! Or no I don’t 

agree with that! Let me just write I do not 

agree with that. Alright then I am moving 

On. Next thing you know you get a 

notification. Bradley has replied to your 

Comment. Oh let me see what Bradley has 

to say. Bradley says “your an idiot moron,

and a good for nothing!” You think well

Why couldn’t Bradley just write I disagree 

because of this….but no….then I go back and

Say Bradley you don’t have to agree with

me but my comment is based on logic and 

your comment is I am an idiot moron 

Good for nothing! It’s not a very good 

defense for disagreeing with me in fact 

how you responded is the way an idiot 

good for nothing moron would respond!

So how does that make you feel now 

Bradley? Feeling proud of yourself are you?

I just don’t get why people who disagree

need to start off with your an idiot moron

good for nothing?