Scottie Fifer’s Fitness Fandango

I blog when something excites me or makes

me want to talk. So Scottie Fifer and Tony

Horton along with Drea Webber have

Created Scottie Fifer’s Fitness Fandango.

It’s the old P90x gang! P90x has a special

Place in my heart so obviously I am part of

that group. We are all doing P90x together

and personally I think it’s special having

the interaction with Tony and the gang….

They are the founders so it is special.

Anyway someone from the group was

asking about motivation and I think it’s

something everyone struggles with

sometimes. What I know from experience

And reading and maybe even P90x itself

as Tony says “you gotta get your mind

right” “Turn off your mind and focus

On the task at hand” to me that is

amazing advice! It works every time! As

long as your in your mind your going to

mess up! So I just wanted to share that and

get people to as the famous Scott Schmerin

(Hypnotist) says “Achieve all your Goals,

dreams and visions”. To me to make that

happen you really do have to “Get out of

Your mind about it”.

I think it’s such great advice that I wanted

to share it and if there ever was million

dollar advice I’d say I just gave it to you.



First off Jump up and down say whoo hoo.

Welcome back! Feeling excited? I like

writing about things that I find exciting. I

recently discovered Udemy. Udemy has

Courses on various topics for free and

a lot of them are $10 to $15. I looked at

Alexander Fairman’s free Chakera

introduction course. Chakras aren’t super

new to me but I was interested in learning

more. He starts the course by asking what’s

your favorite color? Then he said that’s

Your strong point. I thought about it and I

didn’t even realize he is right. My favorite

color is blue. The throat chakra. I have took

over work meetings…..I have shut down

meetings I didn’t like and I wasn’t even

in charge and nobody stopped me.

Co workers have said wow! It’s amazing

whatever you ask the boss to do they do.

I just don’t understand how you do it!

I even had people tell me I don’t know how

you are able to explain things to me that

others can’t. Facebook even has me listed

as celebrity status and I am not a celebrity..

Why? (my throat chakra is on fire)….I also

noticed my weak point and noticed it

fluctuates. When I was doing grounding

exercises (stimulating root chakera) I was

On top of my goals, doing my exercises and

feeling motivated. The minute it got too

cold outside I stopped doing the grounding

exercises and become a professional couch

potato. The only thing I been lifting is the

cookie jar. Now with this new information

I can stimulate the root chakera and see if

I get motivated and start working out

again. Hope you found the blog exciting

fun and enlightening.

Murphy’s law?

I notice when I am at work what happens

Is it becomes very slow and nobody will be

around. Then I think oh since no one is

around let me read a few pages of this

Book….the second I start reading 10

people show up! Then I am like grrr….10

People? So then I think ok fine….I won’t

read because now that it’s quiet again….and

as long as I am not doing anything

particularly enjoyable it stays quiet….but

the minute I start reading or doing

anything me related it’s like someone rings

a bell…..oh no! He’s reading something

good! Everyone quick move on position

X! Go! Go! Go! I don’t get it…it happens

all the time.

Supernatural book

I have been reading this book called

supernatural by Dr Joe Dspenza. He talks

About how being in the present moment

Stops you from wasting time and living

What happened in the past. I’ve heard this

talked about before but he says disease is

Disease and dis ease can happen rehashing

the bad stuff. The book is saying focus

On the future and enjoy what your doing.

It also talks a bit about time perception. If

You think about a goal while taking action

to reach that goal you get excited. I don’t

Want to spoil the whole book. If it sounds

like you might be interested read it.

Cool dream

I had a very cool dream. I will give you the short version. I dreamed that I was at a work training session wearing gym shorts instead of pants. The trainer Said can I see you out in the hall? I said sure. I went out in the hall and he said when we return to the class I want you to go to the machine on the right. I said ok. I went back in the class and the machine he directed me to was like a machine you’d see in a eye exam place…you know you press your head into it and can see stuff. I pushed my head into it and I could see a rock concert happening with special attention being paid to the guitar player. I also saw an amusement park that I frequently visit. The woman next to me said I am sorry I was using that machine and the information in there is quite sensitive. I told her it was fine that I was used to dealing with sensitive information. Only my mouth felt as if it was full of wax so when I talked I was a real mush mouth. I thought this is a temporary problem I am having. Anyway the trainer announced ok everyone were on a 10 minute break! Obviously I was the time keeper but I had a problem. The clock in viewer appeared extremely blurry. I was about to ask the woman next to me to tell me the time since I couldn’t see it. When I moved my head away from the viewer…..I found myself in a submarine! In the middle of the ocean! I thought oh someone is pulling a prank on me! This is good! How can I be in a classroom turn my head and now I am in a submarine in the middle of the ocean? 😂😂 their good! This is a good prank! I looked out the submarine and I saw a killer whale! I thought wow! A killer whale! This is impressive! The killer whale was huge! I was really just wow! I thought how is this working? I gotta tell people about this simulation…this new technology whatever it is….it’s impressive! Perhaps I am hypnotized? This is some experience! I thought ok how do I get out of this thing? Then the submarine started surfacing and I laughed and thought right? I am in a submarine so obviously I have to surface….these people spared no detail! Their good! So I got out of the submarine and I could see people exercising (jogging) and I thought wow! They thought of everything! What is this? Then I woke up? It was a dream……

Bring it!

I had seen a video with a guy who greatly

Out of shape and I thought….good lord that

Can be me…..if I don’t get it together! With

that I dusted off my old p90x videos and I

pressed play. It’s been great being very sore

And dripping sweat and barely making it

through the exercises. It got me thinking

recently two random people have asked me

for money. I thought why would they do

that? Why can’t they get what they want

On their own?

To me it’s the same as the p90x workout.

I can choose to do nothing and end up

being a big mosh or I can do the p90x

workouts and in three months I should

look and feel pretty fantastic. So the ones

asking me for money can challenge

themselves get creative and end up with

more money. As usual things seem to

come back to daily habits. Do daily positive

habits and get daily good results.

Monster under your bed?

I haven’t written awhile and I watched a

few videos that I think are worth sharing.

The first one I think most people can

relate to. I hate this job and I don’t want

to do it? Right? This guy talks about how

you can allow yourself the opportunity to

find a better way. This job sucks

The second video I watched and I want to

share is… there a monster under your

Bed? Or is it just your imagination? I think

It relates to the first video. If you think

about it. Monster under your bed?

It also goes with the book I read by David

Matthew Hortado called allowing. If you

allow the possibility at least your giving

yourself a chance. If you say there is a

monster under my bed there is no way

I can do anything different than your just

making yourself stuck.

Movie pass

I don’t know think I blogged about this

before but it’s such a good deal. I just have

to talk about it and let you all also take

advantage of it if you want. So movie pass

You pay $9.99 a month right and then you

literally could go to the movies and watch

brand new movies every single day.

they do have one stipulation you gotta

make it a 2d movie but that isn’t a

problem. So you literally could watch 30

movies or 31 depending on the days in the

month and you just would pay $9.99.

The service is so popular though they

are taking about six weeks to send out

the card after you sign up. I must admit

I am super impatient and didn’t enjoy

waiting for the movie pass to arrive.

Now that I have it though I feel as though

I have a super power….seeing all the

movies I want for only $9.99 a month….

We’re talking on the big screen with

Surround sound…..all for $9.99….why

wouldn’t everyone do it? Anyway you

might see me blogging about movies

since I am about to watch 31 of them ha


Here’s a link for the movie pass

I subscribed to MoviePass, a service that lets me see a movie a day in theaters nationwide for only $9.95/month, and I want you to join, too! MoviePass is the BEST way to see all the biggest hits so sign up today! See you at the theater!

Future Memory

I was at the library and thought I’d look

for a obscure book to read or at least see

what obscure books they had. I stumbled

upon a book I believe is called future memory…

I just barely started reading it but it is

very interesting….it talked about how a

Fiction writer had told the story of the

Titan a unsinkable ship

that sinks in April because it got hit by

a iceberg…..exactly like what happened to

the Titanic. It also mentions a Edgar Allen

Poe story about a cabin boy that gets eaten

and 43 years later a story happened that

matched Edgar Allen Poe’s story exactly

even matching the victims name.

That is pretty crazy stuff to read about.

I will continue reading the book as it

seems very interesting to me. I just

thought I’d mention it in case anyone else

would like to read it.

Clowns, Bigfoot,aliens and Monsters Oh My!

The other day I mentioned the

Improvement Pill as a channel to follow.

Another topic I like is all the weird things

that can’t be explained. Hearing one of

those stories gets me rubbing my hands

together with Antci….pation. I mean what

Is really cooler than mysterious things you

don’t know about? What would you think

If you saw a ghost? An alien or Bigfoot?

Moving on…. there is a YouTube channel

Called Wooodward Tv….and all the guy

Talks about with a worried dramatic voice

Is weird crazy stories! So if you like the

Weird and mysterious as much as me go

check out his channel. Woodwardtv