3% man by Corey Wayne

I got 3% man by Corey Wayne and I have

read a lot about Persuasion and Hypnosis

and communication so I thought it’s going

to be nothing new here. I was wrong! I

am almost finished listening to the book

and really it has had a lot of desirable

effects. I feel reading the book will

give any guy more confidence immediately.

Also the book helps you understand what

Women want and how to have a really

good relationship. It puts you in a position

of power. Your able to just have fun

enjoyable conversation and it not being

a big deal. Also I can recognize guys doing

things wrong and not realizing it.

Today I saw a guy on a date and he tried

to project certain attributes on to his date

that just was not her. She said to him we

are not the same! He wasn’t listening to her

he was not understanding her and then

when she told him how did he react?

he said what do you mean? What are you

saying? As if it were her fault. This is just

a small example on things guys can do

wrong. Had he been doing the right things

from the beginning then he would of

known that this woman was not on the

same page as him and he would not have

been in that position. It was all his fault

yet he was blaming the woman for his

inability to understand her. I recommend

the book if your looking to understand

women and have better relationships with

women….really it’s great!


The One Thing

I had joined a online class and it was about

goal setting. First it said pick a goal and

stop doing all the other stuff your doing.

At first I was very resistant to the idea. I am

reading 10 books….meditating and 1,000

other things and I am supposed to do just

one thing! This is an outrage I thought!

The class recommended a daily meditation

and focusing on your one goal. I decided to

do it. I discovered this is actually a very

good way to go about accomplishing goals.

I completed a online class using that

method and decided I will use

this method for future goals. I also started

reading The Miracle Club and what was his

main advice in the book? Pick one goal!

he also mentioned the works with faith

is dead and faith without works is dead.

Of course I have had some things work out

with very little effort on my part but I find

things work a lot better if I put some

Serious work into it along with faith and

expectation. This is just something I

wanted to share.

What Is The Consequence Of X?

I recently asked a internet guru what is the

Consequence of X? He said you know what

is funny? Your asking what is the

consequence of X but what about the

Consequences of A-W? He said for example

if you have a girlfriend your going to have

to spend time with her and have sex her.

A consequence doesn’t have to be a bad consequence

What About The Haters?

I recently posted a story on my personal face book page.

The story doesn’t matter. I like to write, talk

and share the experience just for the sake

of it. I don’t even care if I get a response.

After I had shared a story a cough cough

Cough “friend” kind of slammed my story.

I thought what is that about? A hater on my

own Facebook page? I have nothing but

friends and fans! Why the hater? then I

thought it’s sorta my own fault. I decided to

share the story. So people can choose not to

understand it or to be upset by it or think

of it in a completely different way then I

intended and I can’t control that. I just have

To accept sometimes even my friends can

be haters! It’s just a random thought that

people on here might appreciate.

Believe In yourself

I didn’t plan on writing today. This woman

had posted that people should “Find their

passion” and she also said basically “skills

don’t matter”. She was saying some people

are just lucky and some are just failures….

after all why is it some people can be

successful and others doing the same job

are dirt poor? I said I have an answer! I can

tell you exactly why! The people that are

successful believe in themselves. What I

find interesting is the reason you want to

keep quiet about your new endeavors is

because if you don’t keep quiet people will

try to knock you down! What makes you

think your so special? You will never

accomplish that ridiculous goal! Not just

anyone can just wake up and decide they

are going to do that! Your living in a

fantasy world! Your a joke! So what if you

take that then what happens you fail! If

you believe in yourself and show up

Saying hey six months ago I decided to do

this and now I am certified and am making

lots of money then no one can deny you.

your doing it…..you made it happen. So

I said the secret to great accomplishment

isn’t “find your passion” it isn’t follow your

bliss” I say it’s to create your passion create

your bliss. I remember thinking about the

Singer Cardi B….she was a stripper in a

night club when someone said to her “your

a great singer”! Was it true? Who knows?

she believed that person who told her she

was a great singer! She stopped stripping

and now she is a multimillionaire! She

didn’t have the belief in herself….someone

else gave her the belief and then she

accepted it.

The secret of success is to believe in


Twofer Tuesday!

My second blog of the day! I am going to

talk about synchronicity again even though

I know some of you don’t believe in it….and

I get it! You don’t believe in it and so I

respect that but I do believe in it and I am

going to share an experience with you.

Yesterday I discovered a great show!

Atypical. This show is amazing! Anyway

I was watching the show and something

about that father seemed very familiar to

me and I didn’t know what it was but it was

like he was very familiar to me. I decided I

wasn’t going to think about it. Anyway I go

to bed and I have this dream that I am

outside and these crazy guys come and

machine gun every down but I escaped

but I am covered in blood from the crazy

guys killing people around me. I just got

lucky that I survive! So I wake up today

and I turn on the Howard Stern show

which I listen to daily! It’s a replay show!

I had not heard all of this particular replay..

on the show is Micheal Rapaport and

Howard is congratulating Micheal for his

success on the show ATYPICAL!!! So the

voice I recognize is Micheal Rapaport! He is

a regular on the Howard Stern show

however I never knew what he looked like

Anyway that is synchronicity #1!

Right away on the same Howard Stern

Show replay he says I want to talk about

the Mass shooting that happened outdoors

in Vegas over the weekend! Synchronicity

#2 my dream of a mass shooting that

occurs outside. 2/2 on The Howard Stern

Show and think about it Howard could of

chosen any of his 30 years of radio to

replay but he choose specifically to play the

show that talks about 1. Atypical and

2. Discuss a mass shooting…..you can say

Synchronicity doesn’t exist but to me this

Undeniable proof that synchronicity exist.

Don’t trust your thoughts webinar

I was scrolling ok Facebook the other day

when I saw one of those ads for a free

webinar. The Webinar was Dont trust a

single thing you think! I was intrigued and

decided to check it out. The information is

actually good. He said we learn most

everything from other people. The problem

is the information we learn can be wrong.

so we are living and taking action based on

this bad information. An example he gave

was say your on a diet and everything is

going good and all the sudden you think

I should eat an ice cream because ice

cream is amazing and delicious!

So normally you would just go eat the ice

cream and wonder why am I still fat? I

been dieting and exercising and I am not

losing weight! Your forgetting about that

Quart of ice cream you been eating

every night though. He says so you get a

thought such as I should eat ice cream and

you say to yourself thank you for the

information and then you think about it

should I really go eat a quart of ice cream?

I am on this diet and I do want to keep

losing weight so I’ll just eat an apple

instead. Now your losing weight your

looking great and it just took this slight

shift of thinking and now your making

positive changes in your life. I am not

saying to spend your hard earned money

on these informational things offered to

you. I don’t buy any of these seminar type

things. There is a lot of good information

you can find for free and so I recommend

noticing good ideas and taking advantage

of them. You don’t have to spend any

money to find good free information it’s

out there. You might have to dig and read a

lot but it’s still better then like $1,000 for

something you can find out yourself for



I posted recently in a group and I was expecting people would just share their ideas about my post and tell me what they thought. I did get people sharing their experiences with me and commenting on my post. I also got what I didn’t expect people saying “Your a liar!” “Your making stuff up” “you don’t know what your talking about!” Even when a well respected poster interjected and Said listen based on the evidence here and my own experiences dealing with this topic the guy seems to be legit. I still got “He’s not authentic”. I wasn’t expecting the response so I was little bit surprised and figured oh my god…..I forgot people can get jealous sometimes and rather then just say I am a bit jealous of your situation they rather say “your a liar!”.


I was thinking about goal achievement and

sacrifice. I thought does sacrifice always

have to be painful? Or is the pain just an

Illusion? Is it “no pain no gain?” Let’s

imagine that my goal is to lose weight and

have a beach body. I first think I don’t want

to exercise! I don’t want to stop eating cake!

there is nothing better than eating cake

and not exercising! That can’t be true

though otherwise wouldn’t my goal be to

eat more cake and get fatter? Why isn’t that

anyone’s goal of eating cake and not

exercising is a more desirable state why

Isn’t that a goal? Because it’s not

a desirable goal. Then I thought ok maybe

sacrifice isn’t painful at all just because of

our limited awareness we misinterpret the

Situation that keeps us locked in misery.

What do you think?

Filthy rotten stinking rich

So today I seen a post and this guy basically says listen! Quit working! Capri diem! Seize the day! Go after your dreams! Do it now! And I thought about this for some time. I can sit here……and tell people……look by looking at you by interacting with you…..I realize that you are not living up to your potential! It’s true! Your not living up to your potential because if you were you wouldn’t be reading this now! You would have the mansion under the coconut tree near the palm tree by the ocean…..am I right or am I right? Of course I am right! I can sit here in my easy chair…….sipping a ice cold Carmel mochiato …..ahhhh……the refreshing cooling sweet Carmel drink…..you can just taste it can’t you? And I can tell you…..stop! Wake up! Your life is passing you by! Is this how you want to live your life? How your living it now? I mean where is the you time? It doesn’t exist right? I mean is that why your here to work like a dog? And not have any money? What about the time with your family? What about time for fun? Is this what you want people? No! This ain’t what you signed up for! Am I right? I can sit here and drop some hypno suggestions in-between the text……..you might notice you might not……as your reading this a wizard whispers into your ear…..listen to your heart! And over the next serval days you will have interesting dreams…..colorful happy dreams……dreams that guide you…..inspire you…….move you to take action that leads you to your dream life……and in a flash the wizard disappears…..you think that was weird! Wizards don’t exist! Or do they? anyway you have a dream and this dream changes your life……you start living the life of your dreams…..being all that you ever dreamed and more…….does the guy on the internet who helped you have that dream deserve $200? $500 a million dollars or do you think he doesn’t deserve anything because after all……he was just sitting in a Starbucks drinking a Carmel mochiato and thinking how sweet life can be sometimes……what do you all think? Be sure to tell me about those interesting fun and amazing dreams you had.